Enjoy each day in your inspired bathroom. The remodeling experts at Graniteland USA Kitchen & Bath can help you design for premium performance and elevated style.

Bathroom Design & Bathroom Remodeling in Dothan, AL

At the beginning and end of each day, and many times throughout, our bathrooms help us prepare for the adventures that await us. Whether it’s for a quick splash of water on our faces or for our full care routines, it's invaluable to have a bathroom that helps us rejuvenate From a household bathroom that’s suitable for kids or teens, to an upscale master bathroom designed to whisk you away, or even a commercial bathroom setting that matches the company vibe, our Graniteland USA Kitchen & Bath staff is ready to assist your project.

Choosing Your Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops are the reliable surfaces in your relaxing retreat. They provide incredible visual appeal while offering a space for your items, plants, and decor as we complete our daily routines. If you have children in the home, your bathroom can experience even more activity and exposure to moisture! Find the best bathroom countertop material that fits your vision and budget, then narrow down the key performance attributes you are looking for such as stain, heat, dent, and scratch resistance, and your bathroom will assist your family's everyday life to perfection.

Bathroom Countertop Styling & Color

The key to designing or remodeling a spa-like bathroom is the harmony you achieve when selecting bathroom materials, finishes, colors, and fixtures, so that your bathroom countertops, shower, bathtub, mirrors, and cabinetry all balance and match your favorite aesthetic. These details and factors will enhance the contemporary, modern, traditional, or rustic farmhouse vibe that you aim to capture. Always keep in mind the amount of natural and artificial light that your bathroom receives in order to maximize the depth and dimension of your space. Our bathroom design experts can help you explore all the possibilities!


Bathroom Remodel Offerings

Bathroom Countertops | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath


We have the most impressive countertop inventory in the greater Dothan, AL area, with gorgeous materials to select from.

Bathroom Vanities | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath


In addition to organizational solutions for your towels and necessities, vanities enhance your bathroom decor with texture and color. 

Bathroom Sinks | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath


Explore the eye-catching bathroom sink models that provide the functionality you need while lending artistry and detail.

Bathroom Hardware | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath


By selecting the ideal bathroom hardware materials and finishes, you can use these subtle details to enhance your style.

Bathroom Backsplash | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath


A thoughtfully designed bathroom backsplash can be a standout element or a subtle addition of creativity in your layout.

Tub Surrounds | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath

Tub Surrounds

There's nothing like relaxing in a warm tub to help us unwind, especially when it's in a luxurious setting at home. 

Custom Showers | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath

Custom Showers

Our top-quality slabs and materials can also be used to create custom showers that truly transform your bathroom.

Bathroom Fans | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath


A stylish fan is another feature in your chic bathroom that lends to the overall appeal while serving its valuable function.

Bathroom sink | GraniteLand USA Kitchen & Bath

Inspiration for your space

When it comes to selecting the materials and surfaces that will uplift our soothing bathrooms, it’s all about enhancing the vision we aim to craft. No matter what luxurious aesthetic or design scheme you want to achieve, Graniteland USA Kitchen & Bath can help you explore the countertop materials and finishes that will work perfectly for your specific space. If you have an active household or are designing a bathroom in a commercial location, we can make sure that you have the performance needs met without sacrificing style.

Experienced Staff

We’re proud to serve the greater Dothan, AL community of home and business owners with over 40 years of exceptional service, and we can't wait to show you the Graniteland USA Kitchen & Bath difference. Our experienced staff is ready to work together on your project from beginning to installation. When you purchase countertops and materials, our staff can help answer any questions and create a realistic timeline for your remodel. It’s not just about selecting the best products, it’s also about selecting a team that will work for you!

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We offer complimentary estimates for flooring tailored to your needs. Our experienced team will assess your space and provide a detailed estimate, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the pricing process. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

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